Recycling at the Library

If you can’t reuse, consider recycling items.  Here’s the full list of items that we accept for recycling at the library:

  • Stretchy plastic including:  newspaper sleeves, bread bags, grocery bags, product wrap, cereal liners, food storage & produce bags, ice bags, pellet bags, dry cleaning bags, case overwrap, salt bags, packing air pillows and all LDPE & HDPE films.
  • Batteries: Single-use batteries, such as AA, AAA, 9V or C or D cell, rechargeable and cellphone batteries.
  • Brita products: Brita dispensers, Brita pitchers, Brita Stream® pitchers, Brita bottles, Brita standard filters, Brita filter packaging, Brita Longlast® filters, Brita Stream filters and Brita bottle filters.
  • E-waste: Electronics and accessories that are no bigger than a laptop.
  • Corks: Natural corks from any bottled beverage. Bring to the desk.
  • Can Toppers: 4-pack holders for beer and other drinks.
  • Oral care products and packaging including: toothpaste tubes, floss containers (no floss!), toothbrushes and all boxes or other packaging.  Please make sure all materials are clean on the outside before dropping off.
  • Rigid #6 Plastic Cups: Solo or other #6 plastic cups. 
  • Shaving accessories: All brands of blades, razors, and plastic packaging.