Library Policy on External Links from Website

The Charlotte Library’s website ( provides links to external websites to
support the Library’s mission to provide free and open access to the world’s wisdom, knowledge, and
information, foster an informed, civic-minded community and contribute to the educational, cultural,
and economic well-being of the town

Numerous external website links are provided on the website. Visitors to those
sites are advised to check the privacy statements of each site and to be cautious about providing personally identifiable
information without a clear understanding of how the information will be used.

Library staff may recommend external website links, including government, non-profit and commercial
websites, which feature reliable sources and provide valuable content. Non-library parties may suggest
or request links, but inclusion and placement of all external links will be at the sole discretion of the
Library’s Director, Web Manager and/or their designee(s).

To be selected, prospective websites and/or links should meet the following criteria:

  • The scope of the site’s content is clearly stated, supports the Library’s mission and values, and
    is deemed to be of interest to our visitors
  • The site’s owner or sponsor is easily identifiable, and contact information is provided
  • The site does not charge for access

Requests for links to web pages that feature time-sensitive information, such as announcements and/or
surveys, should allow sufficient time, 7-10 days, for review and posting.

The Library’s website does not support commercial advertising; however, in order to show appreciation
for donor support, the Library may recognize support of its mission-related activities on its website in
the form of a logo, link and/or brief statement that consists of an acknowledgement of a gift from, grant
and/or sponsorship by, the donor. Acknowledgements must be consistent in placement, size and style
with the relative web page content and shall appear only on web pages that pertain to the contribution.
Unless explicitly stated, links to external websites do not constitute an endorsement of that website
and/or its owner.
Since website content may change or disappear entirely without notice, the Library cannot be held
responsible for the content or accuracy of websites not maintained by Charlotte Library.
Library staff will make every effort to keep links current but encourages website visitors to inform the
web manager, susanna.charlottelibraryvt@gmail, if they find a link that no longer functions or that is
inconsistent with the above stated criteria.


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