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Library Account FAQ

How do I access my library account online?
Access your library account by selection “Log in to My Account” in the right sidebar or “Search the Library Catalog” in the upper right hand corner.

Username: your library card number: example: 2V65A0000000000
Password: your last name (with standard capitalization):
example 1: Woodruff
example 2: VanBuren
If your name is hyphenated include the hyphen.

Please call the library or select “Contact Us” in the side bar to send an email if you have further questions.

Do I need to be logged in to my online account to search the catalog?
No. You only need to be logged in to renew or place an item on hold.

How do I renew a book online?
Log in to your online library account.  Your checked out items will appear.  Select the items you would like to renew by checking the “renew” box.  Click “Renew Selected” button.  Alternatively, click “Renew All” button. Items that are on hold for other patrons will not be able to be renewed.

How do I place a hold?
Log in to your online account. Select the item you want and click  “Place hold” on the toolbar above the listing.  Next select “specific copy” and then click the item in the Charlotte collection.  You may only place holds on items in the Charlotte  Library collection.  Please contact the Library to place holds at other libraries.

 I placed an item on hold online. How will I know when it is available to pick-up?
If you have provided the Library with your email address, you will receive an email alerting you that your item is ready. You will receive a call if the Library does not have your email address.

Other Online Resources

Please see the Online Resources page for information about accessing other online services.