Bringing History Alive: 1936 Discussion Resources

Wednesday, May 27 @ 3:00pm on Zoom
2020 will undoubtedly be a year remembered in history, and we are just in spring. There have been many monumental years that have shaped our political, social, and aesthetic choices. One such year was 1936. Join us for a lively discussion Zoom discussion!

Imagine America in depression, Europe on the verge of War, Jesse Owens and Olympics held in Germany, Spain engaged in a brutal civil war, democracies tested by fascism and communism, Hoover Dam, Beryl Markham’s transatlantic flight, the arts flourishing with jazz and swing music, Langston Hughes, Georgia O’Keefe and more. Although we turn the clock back 84 years we will make connections to our current pandemic challenge and such pressing issues as human rights; distribution of income; race and gender imbalance, political fanaticism; and environmental anesthesia. We will examine the many stories and perspectives of 1936 through political, social, scientific, and aesthetic lens.

All are welcome to participate and bring perspectives, insights, and questions!

Co-sponsored by the Charlotte Library and the Charlotte Senior Center.

Thank you for signing up for our Bringing History Alive 1936. Below you will find a variety of resources to (re)familiarize yourself on events from 1936. Please read as many as you can-ideally all. If there is a topic or source (with reasonable length) that you feel is missing and would like to include please contact Jonathan Silverman. See you on the 27th!

Fast Facts

1936 Quick Summary (PDF)

Spanish Civil War

Hell and Good Company: The Spanish Civil War and the World it Made by Richard Rhodes

1936 Olympics

Background on Boys in the Boat

Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown
Available in book and audiobook formats for download online and checkout from the library

1936 Olympics and the Struggle for Influence (C-Span video)

Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics 1936

Nazi Aggression
Nazis in the News: 1936 (American Experience article)

Leni Riefenstahl
Propaganda Nazi Berlin Olympic Games Performance (Encyclopædia Britannica video)

Jesse Owens
“Owens Steals the Führer’s Show”
By Arthur J. Daley
August 4, 1936 (NYT Article)

The Dust Bowl

From the Dust Bowl a film by Ken Burns:

Hoover Dam

Building the Hoover Dam

Historical Figures

Father Charles Coughlin:
Between the Wars: The Radio Priest (article)

Edward VIII:
Edward VIII Adbicates

Beryl Markham: Transatlantic Flight

The Battle of Cable Street

Cable Street: ‘Solidarity stopped Mosley’s fascists’
By Kurt Barling for BBC News (article)

They shall not pass: Fighting fascism in 1930s Britain By Tim Wheeler for People’s World (article)

The Arts

First surrealist art exhibition in England – archive, 1936
By Eric Newton for The Guardian (article)


Additional Resources

The Trouble I’ve Seen by Martha Gellhorn Available in ebook format to download with your library card